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Frequently Asked Questions

What is your turn-around time?

The turn-around time is typically 10-15 business days between the template and the installation. Your template will be scheduled in the first available slot, which is usually within one week of your deposit being placed or notification of cabinets being fully installed and level, whichever is latest. Business days are Monday – Friday, not including holidays.

Can I get an estimate before someone comes to measure?

Yes. If you supply rough measurements of your countertops, we will provide an estimated quote prior to performing the template. A 50% deposit of the quote is required prior to scheduling the template.

What is a template?

A template is an exact measurement of your countertops. Our template specialist will come to the job site and either a) make a stick-template or b) use a laser, to determine the exact dimensions of your countertops. Prior to our template specialist arriving for your appointment please make sure all cabinets are fully installed and level, any apron sinks are fully installed into the base cabinet, and counters are cleared of all objects.

What do I need to bring with me when visiting the showroom?

We recommend you bring rough measurements of your existing cabinets or a drawing of your new cabinet layout. We can provide an estimated quote at the time of your visit using your measurements. We have plenty of material to choose from so having an idea of the style, material, and type of maintenance you are looking for will help with the selection process. If you are unsure about what you want or are unfamiliar with any of the possible materials, we are more than happy to walk through all your options to help determine which material would be the best fit for you. Also, if you are trying to match any other design elements in your room it would be best if you can bring samples of those (i.e., floor tile, wall tile, paint sample, etc.).

Will you cut to the dimensions that I provide?

We will only cut to the dimensions you provide if you request us to do so, and you sign off on those dimensions. We will not be responsible for replacing or recutting any pieces that do not fit because the provided dimensions were incorrect. This is not a typical scenario but does happen on occasion for smaller projects.

Is there a fee if I pay by card?

Yes. A 3% processing fee will be applied for using a credit card. There is no fee for paying by check or cash.

Do I need to provide my own sink?

No. We have a variety of sink options in stock as well as specialty sinks that can be ordered. You may preview our stock sinks in our showroom as well as view our full sink catalog for special orders. If you already have a sink you would like to use, please let your sales representative know. Please note that if you are providing your own sink, it must be at the job site at the time of the template – not having the sink at the time of the template could extend the turn-around time for getting your counters installed. Apron sinks must be fully installed prior to the template date.

What happens if my actual measurements are different than my quote?

After the template is complete, we will review the actual dimensions and compare them to your estimate. If there are changes in your estimate, we will send the final amount to you for approval prior to fabrication. While this process is taken into consideration in calculating the turn-around time, any significant delays in getting the final approval can extend the turn-around time.

Will you connect my plumbing?

No. Our installers are not licensed plumbers, so they will not disconnect or reconnect any plumbing or fixtures including, but not limited to sinks, faucets, dishwashers, cooktops, etc.

Will you mount my sink?

We will mount undermount sinks during the installation. We will not attach any drop-in or vessel sinks, nor will we attach any plumbing or fixtures to the sink or countertops regardless of the type of sink.

Do I have to have a seam in my countertop?

We are aware that most customers do not want a seam in their countertops, however sometimes it is unavoidable. There are a lot of factors that go into determining if a seam is needed and if so, where it will go including slab yield, slab size, vein matching, accessibility to job site, safety, etc. If you have any questions or concerns about seams, your sales representative will be happy to discuss those with you.

Do I need support for my overhang?

Generally, you will need support for any granite overhang greater than 10 inches and a quartz overhang greater than 12 inches. As with anything else, there are exceptions to the rule. Please discuss all overhangs with your sales representative.

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