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What to Expect

Whether you're seeking template or installation expectations, we've got you covered. Please see the following list of general expectations.

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Additional Expectations

Seam(s) may be added to your countertops for various reasons including, but not limited to: Material allowance, material flow, size of piece, and fragility of piece. If you have a seam preference, please let your sales representative or the template specialist know.


If we are removing your old countertops, please point out to the installers if you want to keep any of the old counters, sinks, and/or parts since it gets hauled straight into the dumpster the next day.


Our installers do not disconnect or reconnect plumbing or cooktops because they are not licensed to do so. Please make sure all plumbing/pipes/hoses/etc. have been disconnected from your sink and cooktops prior to our arrival. We will not reconnect the plumbing - only place the appliances back to make sure they fit correctly.


When removing old counters, we try our best to prevent any damage from happening to the surrounding areas but unfortunately, it can be part of the remodeling process. Any patching, painting, trim work, or other cosmetic repairs are the responsibility of the customer.


Please wait 12-24 hours before reconnecting plumbing to allow the silicone to dry.


Procuring/installing support for overhangs – including but not limited to corbels, metal braces, or legs – is the responsibility of the client.


It is the responsibility of the client to inform us if there are any changes to the cabinets or layout after the template.

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