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Technological marble is an advanced composite product containing between 91% and 96% of natural marble to which resins and other binders are added, so that, through an advanced technological process known as “Engineered Stone” based on vacuum vibro- compression, an improved product is achieved bettering natural stone while maintaining its essence and substantially enhancing its functional properties and decorative possibilities. These collections can be both indoor or outdoor.

Please see the following terrazzo collections below.

Crystal Salt

The Micro Collection

This collection represents beauty in the mundane, simplicity in  the timeless, and elegance in the neutral. Join us as we embark on a journey through marble with all the beauty and none of the work.

White Sands

The Classic Collection

Inspired by the latest decorative trends, the different product lines adapt to all kinds of spaces and ambiences, from the most avant-garde to those where the classic essence is maintained.

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